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The Perfidious Dr. Fauci

• by Bill Sardi

Rarely do one of our overlords ever get raked over in Congress.  Even then, it's mostly for political theatre.  The front man for the entire infectious disease industry who has conspired with vaccine makers to usher in the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is being pilloried in the court of public opinion these days.  What took so long?

When is somebody going to fire Anthony Fauci?  Maybe, like the banks, he is too big to fail.

There is strong talk on the floor of Congress that the National Institutes Of Infectious Disease, and its director Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular, indirectly underwrote "gain of function" tests in Wuhan, China, that resulted in the COVID-19 coronavirus mutation that allegedly escaped laboratory confinement in late 2019 to engulf the world in a viral pandemic of unprecedented proportion.  The initial research was conducted by Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina that was halted in a moratorium over safety concerns.  That same lab received many NIH grants.