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Florida McDonald's forced to pay applicants $50 just to show up to interview because --

• by Arsenio Toledo

Due to a serious labor shortage in his restaurants, the owner of a McDonald's franchise in Tampa, Florida, said he is willing to pay people $50 just to show up for a job interview. Despite this incentive, he is still struggling to find applicants for his store because people make more money from unemployment benefits.

Blake Casper, who owns 60 McDonald's restaurants around Tampa, said one of his general managers and supervisors came up with the plan to pay would-be employees just to show up for the interview after he told them to "do whatever you need to do" to hire more staff.

"At this point, if we can't keep our drive-thrus moving, then I'll pay $50 for an interview," said Casper.

The reopening of the American economy has allowed many businesses to expand, but Casper said "enhanced unemployment benefits" have cut into the potential number of applicants for his stores.