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The Day After Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of Funding Wuhan Bioweapons...

•, by CD Media Staff

'Gain of function' means genetically engineering the virus to be more lethal to humans. The practice was started a the University of North Carolina but the research was shut down by the Obama administration. Fauci then moved it to the Chinese military, and even funded it via NIH.

We find it very interesting that literally the day after Rand Paul's calling out truth to CoVid power, The White House wants to make the CCP virus and the 'CoVid' response, to just all go away.

We also find the coronavirus patent on the tab below below very interesting.

We can't tell you everything that has been going on, but we can promise there will be much more information released in the future that will shine more light on the CCP virus, vaccine agenda.