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App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Your Favorite Restaurants--Saving 150k Meals a Day Globally

• By Andy Corbley

Too Good To Go, (get it, to go?) offers buyers a grab bag of nearly wasted, yet perfectly good food for take away as a method of cutting back on food waste and helping support the restaurant industry.

"As easy as throwing it away" the simplicity of Too Good To Go is the key to its success. Rather than other apps of a similar sort that allow customers to pick and choose which items they want to save, Too Good To Go offers only bags of whatever food the restaurants have; truer to the spirit of the enterprise, one would think.

The app was among several winners of Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas Award, who reports that 40% of food in America is wasted.

It's impossible to know how much food really does end up in landfills, but it is possible to know how many meals Too Good To Go has prevented from going there. Originally available only in a few select American cities, they've sold 200,000 meals that were merely hours from going into the garbage.