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Scientists Discover Psychedelic-Like Drug That Doesn't Cause Hallucinations


Psychedelics have long shown promise for treating a host of mental illnesses, and now scientists have identified a compound that provides only the benefits.

Named AAZ-A-154, it has the potential to repair chemical pathways in the brain, say the US researchers.

Study co-author Dr David Olson, a chemist at University of California, Davis, explained: "One of the problems with psychedelic therapies is they require close guidance and supervision from a medical team…  A drug that doesn't cause hallucinations could be taken at home."

Experiments using a fluorescent sensor called psychLight showed the new drug activates a gene that makes serotonin—the body's 'feel good' hormone.

The most common antidepressants, such as Prozac, also work by triggering the serotonin 2A receptor.