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The Government's War on Pipelines Made Us Vulnerable to Attacks on Our Infrastructure

•, Jon Miltimore

Vickie Phillips received an unpleasant surprise when she stopped in for a fill-up at the Pop Shoppe in Greensboro, North Carolina on Monday.

There was no fuel.

"I can't believe that we're here and can't even get gas," Phillips told a local TV station. "People are tired of sitting in the house and they just want to get out and try to resume something of normality with their life and they're definitely going to need fuel and gas to do that."

Phillips was just one of thousands of people who saw their travel plans disrupted in the wake of a cyberattack on Friday targeting the Colonial Pipeline, a vital network of pipelines that run some 5,500 miles from the US Gulf Coast to New York Harbor.

The New York Times reported that many stations in southeastern states have placed caps on the amount of fuel consumers can purchase, while many stations have run out of fuel altogether.