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Matt Hancock Says Immune System Is More Effective Than Vaccines


He didn't mean to say that of course, but he did. Speaking to Stephen Dixon, Hancock said that having both doses of a covid vaccine reduces your chances of dying from the virus, by 97 per cent.

Fair enough, but if I come down with coronavirus tomorrow, my risk of dying is 0.0034 per cent. How do I know this? I used the QCovid calculator, developed by Oxford University and used by the NHS.

I've more chance of being pelted to death by squirrels chucking chestnuts at me, while walking in my local park, than dying from covid-19. It's important to always keep in mind, that the treatments Hancock referred to this morning, are not vaccines. They don't prevent illness.

The claim is that the vaccinated are less likely to get severely ill from covid-19. It's nonsense, all of it, but the media (as usual), is absent.

In the meantime, more and more evidence is emerging that the jabs, which have emergency use authorisation remember, are causing real harm. If you get your news from the UK press, you won't know this.

The excellent journalist Sally Beck has been speaking to the relatives of seniors who have died shortly after vaccination. The families Sally met, are convinced that the jabs played a big part in ending the lives of their loved ones.