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Watch Nikola Tre Semi Drag Race Ford F-350 Pickup Truck

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In the fourth episode of Driving Change, Nikola presents progress on the Nikola Tre all-electric Class 8 semi-truck, which recently started another stage of development.

We already saw a few episodes and teasers (here and here) with the alpha prototypes, but this might be the most interesting.

The entire episode is worth checking out, as it includes footage and comments from various tests, including climbing 20% grade, driving at 75 mph (121 km/h) with load, braking and more.

We set the start of the video at a fun race featuring the Nikola Tre against a Ford F-350 pickup truck used by the company. As it turns out, the semi is quick enough to match the pickup:

Nikola Tre BEV prototype

Nikola Tre BEV prototype

It is probably inevitable that we will see more of these types of comparisons against conventional trucks, other electric semis and maybe some other vehicles.