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A British "Space Force" On The Horizon?

•, by Tyler Durden

And some like Russia and China, for example, expressed concerns that it would kick off a globally detrimental 'weaponization and militarization' of space. 

Now there are new reports that some of America's key allies are eyeing a similar military branch focusing on space. A new interview in quotes the head of the United Kingdom's air force as saying it remains a possibility. "Never say never," Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston responded when asked about the potential for a British Space Force somewhere in the near future, while expressing UK's goals of deepening cooperation in this domain with its US ally.

The comments came after at the start of last month the UK established its own Space Command, which is to include members of Royal Navy, British Army, RAF and civil service in a "joint command" structure, similar to the US Department of Defense's own Space Command (SPACECOM) which was established in 1985 to defend the US against any threat above 100km of mean sea level.

When the top UK commander was asked whether London will take the "next step" of an actual space-focused branch which people could join (akin to joining the Army), he responded

"I don't think we're... at the scale of the U.S. space enterprise yet, and I think that would be a distraction at this stage, but again, I would say never say never," Wigston said in an interview with last month.'

"We recognize that we're going to have to be prepared to spend more time understanding what's going on in space, and particularly the malign activity, and then be ready to protect against it," he said. "I think the role of organizations like the Space Force or the U.K. Space Command is only going to grow as we make more use of space."