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Mike Lindell responds to Dominion's legal threat: 'That would so make my day'

•, Ann Wilson

In a cease and desist letter sent to Lindell in December, Dominion demanded that Lindell retract his claims that the company's software stole "millions of votes from" Trump and inaccurately counted votes in the key battleground states of Georgia and Arizona. Lindell refused to honor the letter and asked the company to "please sue me."

This month, Lindell released a two-hour documentary titled "Absolute Proof," pushing further his allegations about Dominion and the 2020 election results. YouTube and Vimeo removed the video from their platforms due to policy violations. Lindell's account and that of his company MyPillow were also suspended on Twitter. 

According to The Daily Beast, the lead attorney representing Dominion, Tom Clare, said he will file the suit "imminently" after Lindell "doubled down and tripled down" on the claims and "made himself a higher public profile with his documentary."