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Elderly patron draws gun after armed Black Lives Matter activists gather outside Louisville...

•, Bruce Pie

An unidentified elderly man refused to let Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters prevent him from enjoying a gastronomical experience at the La Chasse European restaurant on Bardstown Road, 3 miles southeast of downtown Louisville.

A video that since went viral on social media appears to show the patron guarding the entrance to the establishment, and calmly warning BLM activists not to enter the premises.

However, protesters refuse to disperse and repeatedly move in the direction of the patron, yelling "Do not shoot" and "No." The senior citizen can be seen standing his ground and calmly asking the group not to enter the restaurant.

When Louisville Metro Police Department officers arrived, they ordered activists to step away from the man brandishing a gun.

Multiple protesters were also armed according to both the restaurant and police department.

"During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms," police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said according to the New York Post.