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Company Converts Digital Data into Strands of DNA Placed into Spores...

•, Ice Age Farmer

Christian, the Ice Age Farmer, reveals that Aanika is a company that recently introduced a genetically modified organism probiotic spore that can be misted onto dry goods or added to liquid products so that the spores can be traced. It can provide a digital ID for anything, including food. The spores added to food will be tracked from the field to the store, to your stomach, and finally to the smart sewers. Vishaal Bhuyan, the founder of Aanika, says spores are used because they can withstand high temperatures and UV light. Christian pointed out that Bhuyan did not answer the question about testing his product on animals and, instead, just started talking about climate change. The venture capital group SOSV that conducted the video conversation invests heavily in "post animal" meat products and replacement agriculture, including breast milk. Another similar company, Phylagen, is working on using microscopic dust technology for tracking. The video is a glimpse into a surveillance system for a post-human and post-animal economy. -GEG

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