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Monetary Base to Double, Silver Squeeze Rages On


In 2021, the silver spot price appears to be again stuck at $26 oz to begin this month of May. About where it was, to start April 2011. 

The fiat US dollar's monetary base has exploded since 2011. Silver should have great years upcoming.

We are on pace to more than 2X double it in just the last two years once we have reached the NY Fed REPO Loan fiasco (Sep 2019).

Ever since then, this latest Wall Street bailout festival has been raging.

Surely none of this will lead to compounding higher prices for decades upcoming.

After all, we have unfunded hundreds of trillions not saved for motives to further heavily devalue our currency ahead.

Two percent inflation everlasting. All will be well in our transitory land.

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This week, the head of the Federal Reserve again unsuccessfully tried to explain away some of the ongoing inflation across various sectors in the economy.

Of course, Jerome Powell continues to claim the rising prices are transitory or temporary in Covid bottleneck rationales.

And yes, perhaps if we have another deflationary financial and bank bankruptcy spillover event in the coming years, we'll see prices collapse again a la 2020 or 2008.

But as for now, soft commodity and food prices are raging higher.  And every measurement of the fiat US dollar currency piles are climbing walls leading us to be confident gold and silver mania phases are not far to follow.