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You Must Understand the Past Before You Will Understand the Present...

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The information presented is sometimes controversial, and often hard to believe. How we choose to interpret this information, and what we choose to do about it, will determine the future of the world in which we all live. Please view these videos with an open mind, then decide for yourself what you believe, and what you will do to make it a better world for all people. Is everything in these videos true? Not likely, and not even possible as some even contradict each other on a few subjects. Some are "Left" oriented, some are "Right" oriented. However, the overall picture they collectively paint is right on target.

The material presented focuses predominately on the USA, but it has future implications for the entire world. Do you believe that there is something terribly wrong with our world, but you can't quite put your finger on it?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Or, you could get more info, better info, and what to do about it, by reading the Bible a dozen times.