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Microsoft creates controversial barcode for children and they will have to be scanned...

•, Cesar Munera

Children in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will have their own unique QR code or day pass to access the system after being scanned. Those who do not have this barcode will not be allowed to enter the school grounds.

In addition, children will be required to keep a social distance, wear face masks, and constantly monitor their temperature throughout the day. The controversial system also manages health screenings, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus testing, or COVID-19, and vaccinations.

LAUSD's immunization program also plans to use a daily pass to register and schedule appointments, monitor vaccines in stock, record and capture appointment data, classify high-risk individuals, provide waiting lists for low-risk individuals and dashboards to view data, among other features.

The system also allows access via mobile devices or computer. "Students, parents and visitors will access the Daily Pass on any computer, tablet, or mobile device," reads the LAUSD website, which also has an information segment that pushes school staff to get vaccinated.