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FBI publishes series of photos from inside people's homes on Twitter and asks for...


The FBI is appealing for information that may lead to the rescue of abused children, tweeting a cryptic image from inside a house, and asking for clues.

The agency issued their request for help as part of what they termed #SeekingInfoSaturday.

The photo they tweeted showed a room with white cupboards around the doorway.

A picture of a car with its doors opening upwards, like the Back to the Future DeLorean, is framed on the wall.

The agency tweeted: 'The #FBI is seeking information about this image, which may help lead to the rescue of child victims. If you notice something familiar, submit a tip at'

Among the images they showed were a red baseball cap emblazed with the letter C; a calendar, illustrated with cars; a green chair and storage chest; and a bright blue t-shirt, with a picture of a cartoon witch.

A bedroom wall was covered in framed certificates, besides a clock with images of cats.

A red stained glass window was shown in another image, with an image of a dolphin on the glass.

One page showed a swimming pool, perhaps seen from a window, with dark green plastic lounge chairs.

Tips from members of the public are hugely important to the FBI's work.