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Rothbard Saturday: Male "Oppressors" are Acting Like Scared, or Guilt-Ridden, Rabbits

• By Murray Rothbard

The Great Women's Liberation Issue: Setting It Straight

By Murray Rothbard

It is high time, and past due, that someone blew the whistle on "Women's Liberation." Like the environment, women's lib is suddenly and raucously everywhere. It has become impossible to avoid being assaulted, day in and day out, by the noisy blather of the women's movement. Special issues of magazines, TV news programs, and newspapers have been devoted to this new-found "Problem"; and nearly two dozen books on women's lib are being scheduled for publication this year by major publishers. In all this welter of verbiage, not one article, not one book, not one program has dared to present the opposition case. The injustice of this one-sided tidal wave should be evident. Not only is it evident, but the lack of published opposition negates one of the major charges of the women's lib forces: that the society and economy are groaning under a monolithic male "sexist" tyranny. If the men are running the show, how is it that they do not even presume to print or present anyone from the other side? Yet the "oppressors" remain strangely silent, which leads one to suspect, as we will develop further below, that perhaps the "oppression" is on the other side.