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Young pastor DIES not long after receiving, promoting Moderna's experimental vaccine...

•, by Lance D Johnson

During the virtue-signaling, vaccine publicity stunt, she was interviewed by the New York Times and a local TV news outlet. Using classic doublespeak, she equated her "trust in God" to her trust in the vaccines, before rolling up her sleeve and submitting to the modern day false god.

Pastor dies after worshiping and pushing Moderna's experimental vaccine protocol

Dr. Kimberly Credit was the Founder and Director of the Preaching Lab, a monthly preaching clinic where she coached and trained other preachers. She was the first female preacher at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Boonton Township, New Jersey. When it came time to participate in vaccine experiments, Dr. Kimberly thought she knew what was best for all pastors and church congregants, especially African Americans. It turned out she did not know what was best for her own body because two months later, the young pastor suddenly passed away.