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5 Essential Homestead Machines to Have When the SHTF

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Do you intend to someday solely depend on their little patch of land to provide for yourself and your family? Rest assured, these 5 essential homestead machines will be beneficial for those who (like me) have these plans. These are not high-tech devices.

These simple homestead machines will reduce your physical workload during hard times.

5 Essential Homestead Machines

These are homestead machines I find to be quite useful, I will be adding these devices to my homestead for sure.


-Windmill Water Pump

-Grain Mill

-Waste Oil Burner

-Wood Fuel Generator

Here's why I think everyone planning to live self-reliantly should consider these homestead machines.


A shredding machine shreds things like PET bottles and all sorts of plastic stuff. It can crush aluminum cans and reduced them to shreds. If you are skilled (or even if you want to become skilled) in recycling metals like aluminum (like I know I will have to do in the future), this is something you will need.

I like the versatility, as it can reduce the size of large pieces of whatever you need to crush and is soft. I wouldn´t use it to shred anything other than plastics, soft metals (like aluminum cans), and bones.

Aluminum has a good resale price in economies like ours. Being a metallurgist, I can makeshift a model of some part and cast it.