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Elon Musk will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Miley Cyrus...


Tesla CEO Elon Musk will attempt to flex his comedic prowess as he makes his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on May 8. 

The longtime NBC variety show made the announcement via social media as they shared a photo with Musk's name alongside Miley Cyrus — who was tapped as musical guest — captioning the image 'Musk See TV.' 

The news came as shock to many as the program does not usually tap business moguls such as the SpaceX founder to play host, but it seemed a lucrative move on SNL's part despite overwhelmingly negative fan reaction.  

Though a surefire way to get eyeballs on the screen, many took issue with the tech wizard hosting, as they felt he didn't need more exposure as he boasts a net worth of $177 billion dollars. 

And it was all love for Miley, but the same could not be said for Musk as many asked 'please just let Miley do double duty.'