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The Derek Chauvin Trial Was a Travesty, Prosecutors Violated Rules That Protect Us All

• by John R. Lott,

One can only hope that the appeals court judges have stiffer spines.

People focus on Congresswoman Maxine Waters' calls for an anti-police crowd in Minneapolis "to get more confrontational" when violent riots were already taking place may have intimidated witnesses. And if the jurors heard of her comments, that would be concerning, and as Judge Cahill noted, could lead to a mistrial. But Cahill didn't make the obvious response. He should have quizzed the jurors to see if they had heard anything and replaced those that had with alternates who hadn't. That is common practice. Yet, no action was taken, making one wonder if Cahill thought that there was a chance that he would have to remove more jurors than there were alternates. 

But there is a long list of other serious concerns that haven't gotten news attention that should have resulted in a mistrial. Let's go through a few of the abuses by prosecutors.

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