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Columbus police try to avert a new wave of BLM anger over the fatal police shooting of ...


WARNING: Graphic Images 

Columbus Police said that one person was killed in the officer-involved shooting that took place on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon 

Witnesses said that the victim was a 16-year-old girl but police did not indicate who had been shot, just that the officer was not the victim

Girl's mother identified the shooting victim as Ma'Khia Bryant and said she was an honor roll student  

Authorities had been responding to an initial stabbing call at around 4.30pm

The shots fired call was made just 15 minutes later

A woman at the scene - identified on Facebook as Shonnell Kelley - shared a series of videos from the shooting

Jones shared in the post that the teen had the knife because 'somebody tried to jump her' and added that she was the one who called for help