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The Best Weather App for RV Travel in 2021

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It allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure time, and other features that help RVers plan trips around the weather.

You can easily switch between routes, adjust your leave time, add stops – all so you can find the safest way with the best weather to get to your destination.

Drive Weather is all about decision-making in regards to the weather. Like a pilot before taking off in an airplane and checking the expected weather en route, the app takes just a few seconds to get "briefed" on the safest route and safest time to leave.

We interviewed the developer of this awesome app on Episode 350 of the RV Podcast.

You can listen to the entire RV Podcast episode in the player below. Or keep scrolling down for an edited transcript of our interview.

Best weather app for Rv travel? Here is the interview with Paxton Calvanese, the developer of the Drive Weather app:

Mike Wendland:          
Well, the developer of road trip weather, Paxton Calvanese joins us right now on the RV podcast phone line. And Paxton, you have a really neat app. I'm very impressed.