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Decentralized, Distributed, and Disruptive Tech Summit (D3) April 24/25

• The Greater Reset

D3 will bring together a diverse and powerful group of innovators, activists, and entrepreneurs with the goal of collaborating on common goals and inspiring participants to take control of their digital and physical lives.

The virtual event takes place April 24th and 25th, 2021.

Topics to be covered include….

Overcoming obstacles to the private acquisition and transfer of cryptocurrency

Privacy and censorship considerations on social media networks

DAOs – Visioning the Future of Social Organization

The DeFi Disruption

Internet Privacy and Encryption 101

Onboarding into the Crypto Space

Join us for this evolutionary event.

Participants will gain a better understanding of decentralized, distributed, and disruptive technology and will leave the event with a new found hope for the future of humanity.

D3 Day 1 - April 24, 2021 - Opting Out Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

12:00 PM Introduction: John Bush

12:15 PM Talk: Antony Mueller



1:45 PM Round Table: Overcoming the Barriers to the Private Acquisition and Transfer of Cryptocurrency

3:15 PM Round Table: Return To The Open Source

3:45 PM Talk: Rachel Rose O Leary

4:15 PM Talk: Jack Spirko

5:00 PM Closing: Closing with John Bush

April 25, 2021 - D3 DAY 2 - Introducing and Exploring the First Decentralized Evolution

12:00 PM Introduction: Intro John Bush

12:30 PM Talk: 3D Printing Sal Mayweather

1:00 PM Interview: DWeb Mike Swatek

1:30 PM Round Table: Decentralized & Innovative Tech for Community Building ROUND TABLE

2:45 PM Community Program: Viewer Feedback

3:45 PM Talk: Max Borders

4:30 PM Talk: Brittney Kaiser