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Old Lives Don't Matter

•, By eric

Well, that was the excuse for the Hut! Hut! Hut! The real reason was her failure to immediately show the proper respect for Authority – by obeying commands barked at her by an AGW.

According to news reports, Garner had walked from her home to the Wal Mart, to buy the items – but walked out without having paid for them. She made no attempt to hide the items in her clothes and given that, the explanation that her Alzheimer's is responsible for her walking out of the store without having paid for the items seems plausible.

Wal Mart employees followed her outside and pointed out that she had not paid; whereupon she apparently tried to pay for the items but the employees would not allow it.

In any event, the unpaid- for items were returned and Garner left to walk back home.

She is shortly confronted by an AGW who almost immediately resorts to extreme force to subdue this 80-something-pound threat to his safety.

Actually, his Authority.

Within 30 seconds, the AGW seizes Garner's left arm and hurls the old woman to the ground, wrenches her arms behind her back and places he weight of his body on the 73-year-old, leaving her blooded and with broken bones, according to news reports.