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What I Told a Doctor On Why I Refuse to Take the Vaccine

•, By Dave Hodges

I can state without hesitation, the process is engrained into my fiber and what we are doing with the vaccines, is a unethical and unscientific as well as the threat to health and safety to general public. This is medical malpractice at its worst.

Along these lines, I recently had a discussion with a doctor that went like this:

Doctor: "I am sure a bright person like you like you will be taking the vaccine."

Me: "Because I am bright, I will not be taking the vaccine. There were no animal trials. In effect, we are the animals. I need to wait to see how many of my fellow animals are dying from the vaccine. We know there have been deaths, but nobody is keeping statistics. Finally, there are no contraindications. How many medical treatments are without contraindications on who should not take a particular treatment of medicine? There are absolutely no contraindications with the vaccines. There are no statistics being published on how many people are having adverse reactions/deaths. When it comes to the coming covid passports, one size fits all. Everyone must take the vaccine, or one's life is over. This is not medicine, this is political grandstanding."

Doctor: "I never would have ever figured you to be a conspiracy theorist. Where did you develop these unique ideas?"