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Chipped "smart masks" that are traceable and trackable --

• by JD Heyes

The globalist control freaks at the World Economic Forum have come up with the ultimate 21st century tracking device: So-called "smart masks" that come with a computer chip that 'tells' users things.

"The World Economic Forum is at it again. The globalist titans behind 'the Great Reset' are now promoting a 'smart face mask' that tracks every breath its wearer takes," reported recently.

What's more, masks in general aren't even going to be needed much longer, if they ever were effective in the first place (and a CDC study released earlier this year makes it clear they really haven't been effective at stopping the spread of COVID — more on that in a moment). That's because at least a sizable portion of the world's population is going to be vaccinated, and while we're not fans of them here, clearly heard immunity is going to follow.