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A Rocket Veteran Plots a Cheaper Path Back to Space

• by Justin Bachman

Phantom Space Corp., founded by Jim Cantrell, one of SpaceX's first employees and previously an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, aims to build and launch hundreds of rockets to lift into orbit an expected flood of smaller satellites in need of quick and cheap access to space. 

At $4 million per launch, Phantom says its transport will cost anywhere from $500,000 to $6 million less than what larger payload delivery spacecraft now charge for small satellites.

Phantom plans to buy and license existing components as much as possible, a radical departure from existing space launch production in which companies such as Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Rocket Lab USA Inc. and Virgin Orbit LLC custom produce nearly all their parts in-house. In Cantrell's view, most rockets remain too bespoke in their largely handcrafted assembly and, thus, unnecessarily expensive.

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Comment by Commonwealth Missionary
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With all the excellent material you disseminate exposing frauds, etc., it is amazing that you have not figured out the whole fraud of "NASA" "space travel" and all the billions and billions that have been stolen from the American people to perpetuate these lies. Sometimes I wonder if the articles you post on these subjects are satire - but I don't think they are. It seems as if you seriously believe in these fake programs and are actually promoting them as if they are true. While you are doing such a fine job waking people up to all the many conspiracies and frauds going on - you really need to investigate what others have to say about "NASA" and "space travel." It's as phony as Covid and the jab!