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Are YOU a guinea pig for Google's latest experiment?


A new website lets Google Chrome users see if they have been auto-enrolled in an 'origin trial' of a new advertising technology which may eventually replace cookies.

The site 'Am I FLoCed?' lets internet users know if they are one of the 0.5 per cent of Chrome customers Google has signed up to its controversial FLoC experiment. 

Google recently announced it was ditching the highly-invasive and controversial  third-party cookies which allow companies to track a user as they surf the web.  

But it also revealed it would be replacing cookies with other, more privacy-centric tools, including one called FLoC, which is controversial in its own right. 

As we learn more about how the system will work, Google has already automatically switched on the new technology in the background of some Chrome users. 

One in every 200 people in some countries, including the US, Australia and India but not the UK, now have FLoC running in the background without their knowledge. 

Millions of people are likely affected, as Google is the world's most popular browser, with 2.6billion users in 2020. The Origin trial is expected to run to at least July 2021.