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Offgrid Solar Inverter Buyer's Guide for Beginners

• DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

0:27 Working Voltage Range

0:50 Wattage Rating

1:36 AC Output Connection

2:26 Modified Sine Wave Versus Pure Sine Wave

4:02 Measuring the Waveform

5:38 Common Sizing Considerations

6:52 Inverter Grounding Discussion

8:28 Remote Switch Discussion

9:02 Idle Consumption Comparison and Terminology

11:02 DIY Idle Consumption Measuring Procedure

11:42 Inverter Overall Conversion Efficiency

12:45 Inverter Battery Input Comparison

13:16 Inverter Conductor Sizing and Safety Considerations

13:57 Common Inverter Safety Features Including OCPD, LVD and HVD

15:39 Inverter Cooling System and Mounting Considerations

18:05 Battery Input Capacitor Charging

I removed a section about low and high frequency inverter discussion because it was too rushed to summarize the difference. So I'll make another video discussing the differences.