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8 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Rainwater

• Organic Prepper - Kristen Chapple

Collecting rainwater is a vital prep. As an added bonus, it helps you save both money and the environment while preventing possible property damage.

Rainwater generally runs out of the downspouts, through the lawns, and into the trench drains during the rainy seasons. This water then goes to the storm drains, channeled to the nearest stream or lake. During heavy storms, this water can destroy properties as it finds its way to the storm drains. Sometimes, trash or pollution goes with the water into the lake. 

Why not harvest and store rainwater in barrels and reap the many benefits?

By harvesting rainwater during the rainy season, not only do you save money, but you are also helping to save the environment. Instead of allowing the rainwater to go to waste and possibly damage your property, collect and store the rainwater in barrels. Barrels can harvest and hold about 80 gallons of rainwater per rainfall. 

Rain barrels are unique containers that can help you collect and store rainwater from the downspouts and roof for future use. A rain barrel can reduce the amount of rainwater in the storm drains by collecting the roof runoffs. Remember, rainwater is chlorine-free; therefore, you can use it to water your garden plants and organic farms.

EcoPeanut offers a great review of rain barrels to consider.

When installing a barrel, ensure that it has a screen to eliminate the debris. Your barrel should also have a tight connection where the rainwater enters and a reliable cover to prevent algae buildup and mosquito breeding.      

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