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Interview: Celebrating an Ethical Physician

• Jeremy R Hammond

On April 5, I joined Dr. James Lyons-Weiler ("Dr. Jack") on his show Unbreaking Science to honor Dr. Paul Thomas, a rare ethical physician who risked his career by writing The Vaccine-Friendly Plan (with coauthor Dr. Jennifer Margulis) and who had his license suspended by the Oregon Medical Board in December for respecting his patients' right to informed consent for vaccinations.

In 2018, the board had requested Dr. Paul to produce peer-reviewed evidence supporting his individualized approach to vaccinations, which contrasts with the one-size-fits-all approach of pressuring parents to vaccinate strictly according to the CDC's routine childhood schedule. Working with Dr. Jack, in 2019, Dr. Paul published a study showing that the alternative schedule presented in the book greatly reduces children's exposure to neurotoxic aluminum and that the cumulative exposure of the CDC's schedule, when the safety guidelines established for adults are adjusted by weight for children, is suggestive of chronic toxicity.

Then, in November 2020, they published a study showing that the completely unvaccinated children in Dr. Paul's practice in Portland, Oregon, compared to children who were variably vaccinated, had significantly fewer diagnoses and required far fewer office visits for a broad range of chronic illnesses.

Yet the medical board ignored the very study they asked him to produce and within days of its publication called an "emergency" meeting to suspend his license.

In this discussion, you will learn about how Dr. Paul has been accepting the risks of standing up for what he knows in his heart to be right and speaking truth to power since he was a boy growing up in the southern African country of Rhodesia.