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Today's DIRTY VACCINES and the coinciding spike in blood disorders, allergies and autism

• by SD Wells

So while the corrupt American medical regime preaches about the necessity of compliance and herd immunity, they themselves "opt out" of all those filthy, dirty, unsafe vaccinations they push on everyone else.

The theory behind vaccines is real, but the ingredients used to force hyper-immune-system reactions are so insane that the biological terrors that are today's vaccines are the new Black Plague, and that's why vaccines are now being used for population control, medical racketeering (that dates back a century with the AMA), and organized crime at the highest, most insidious level of government. The regulatory agencies are in bed with the government pharma goons at the FDA and CDC. That's exactly why we've seen a grotesque spike in diseases and disorders for the vaccinated sheeple in America. It's no conspiracy theory that vaccines are dirty, especially the flu shot and the Covid-19 vaccine series.