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Review of Nomad Internet for RV travelers

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We tested Nomad Internet last summer and came away impressed by the service.

The company has specialized in providing reliable, high-speed cellular Internet service to rural areas all across America. 

Our experience was it was reliable and it truly high speed.

The company has been expanding rapidly over the past year or so, going after the RV market.

For RVers who sign up for their service, they send a Nighthawk router/modem/slash Internet hotspot, and provide unlimited and unthrottled 4G LTE Internet access to RVers.

Those two words are what impressed us the most: Unlimited and Unthrottled. 

Nomad has several different membership plans, depending on how much bandwidth you need. and what network you are on, either the Sprint/T-Mobile cellular network or the AT&T network. Verizon and the others are apparently not available at the present time through Nomad.

The unit we tried out was on the AT&T cellular network.

Verizon (and other carriers) Dirty Little Secret about "unlimited Internet"

Let me start by saying our favorite network is Verizon and that we have been using it as our primary cellular carrier in the RV for years.

We use a Winegard ConnecT 2.0 Wi-Fi extender and a 4G LTE cellular antenna mounted on the roof of our RV. It was installed by the manufacturer of our RV and I have a Verizon SIM card in it for our Internet connection.