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Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

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An EFS fuel card for RV travel can save you big every time you fuel up! Here is what we learned about it.

If you travel in your RV as much as we do, you must get a headache every time you see your bill. We spend a lot on fuel.

Over the years, I even had the thought, "As much as we travel, surely there must be a way to get a discount on all this diesel we buy?"

It never felt fair that people who fly a lot get to have a frequent flyer member program. What is there for us RV folks that reward us for our frequent traveling?

Then I heard about the EFS fuel card, what it can do, and what it can't do. Here is what we learned about it.

What is the EFS Fuel Card?

At its most basic, the EFS Fuel Card is a debit card that is exclusively used for buying and saving on diesel fuel.

Originally created for use by truckers regularly hauling freight from coast to coast, the EFS Fuel Card is actually pretty handy for RVers too.

The company wants as many customers as possible. This way, they can negotiate the best prices for all their customers, including the bulk-freight truck drivers who use it the most.