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California Homebuyers Discover that the Government Is Their Enemy

• by Andrea Widburg

A couple who bought a house in good faith now find themselves mired in California's labyrinthine tenants' laws, exacerbated by the new COVID rules.

Riverside is a large suburban area located about 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles — although it's still considered part of the Greater Los Angeles area.  Tracie and Myles Albert, a young couple in Riverside, found what they thought was the perfect home: a four-bedroom that they could buy quickly, for cash.

On January 31, 2020, the Alberts scraped together $560,000 in cash and gained title to the property.  They have yet to move in.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Why won't this work? First, serve several certified/verified notices over a period of several months to the squater to come to court regarding property rights charges that the owners charge him with. Include everybody who is squatting on the property... not only the main squatter. When they don't show up for court because they will lose their squatter's rights by being gone from the property, get the judge to sign a warrant for their arrest, to compel them to come. Supply the local sheriff with the warrant, so that he has to do his duty, and bring the squatters to court. Meanwhile, have a sympathetic party (agent of the owners) re-squat the property while the squatter is in court. --- Or some form of this.