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China, the Quad, and the Next "Great" War

• James Corbett - The Corbett Report

As anyone who has been paying attention to global geopolitics in recent years will know by now, the US Empire (the US, the UK, Israel, the Five Eyes allies, NATO and all their regional allies and vassals) are preparing to square off against China and the Axis of Evil (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and any state that provides any resistance to the US Empire) for global control in the 21st century.

And, as readers of this column will be uniquely prepared to understand, this entire conflict is part of a 3D chess game that is taking place over and above the regular, 2D nation-state chessboard that we are being asked to fixate on.

However, there is a 2D chess game going on, and it is part of the Problem-Reaction-Solution that the 3D chess players are using to bring about their agenda. So today let's examine the latest moves on the grand chessboard and see what they reveal about the globalists' plans for total control.

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