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Defiant US Soldiers Openly Questioning Why BLM Riots Weren't Treated Like Capitol 'Insurrect

•, by Tyler Durden

In a Thursday briefing at the Pentagon, Colón-López (CZ) told reporters that some troops have asked "How come you're not looking at the situation that was going on in Seattle prior to that? [Jan. 6 riot]"

"This is coming from every echelon that we're talking to," CZ added.

According to, CZ told reporters that he is "concerned about the way that some people are looking at the current environment."

Colón-López said the confusion some younger troops have expressed shows why the training sessions on extremism are needed.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the stand-down Feb. 5 and gave units across the military 60 days to discuss extremism in the ranks with troops.

The military's policies are clear, he said: Troops are not to advocate for, or participate in, supremacist, extremist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it seems like the military brass is sliding around the real question. That question is one of protecting the public from insurrection within. The brass seems to be turning it into a question of politics within the military. Why? Has the military been infiltrated by the media and Big Tech? --- If I am a business owner or home owner, politics doesn't have anything to do with rioters harming me and destroying my property. Some people might suggest that politics is the motivation for riots. But such motivation doesn't make destruction of my property a political thing. Rather, it makes the lack of protection by the military to be a willful dereliction of duty by the military. If the military isn't going to do their duty, get rid of them and let the militia take over.