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Senator Rand Paul Clashes with Dr. Fauci Over Mask-Wearing

• C-Span

During a hearing on the coronavirus response, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul highlights studies that show once you've had COVID, you are unlikely to transmit the disease and therefore don't need to wear a mask per CDC guidance. Senator Paul then accuses Dr. Anthony Fauci of wearing a mask "for theater" even though he's been vaccinated, saying, "You parade around in a mask for show." Dr. Fauci, responds saying, "Masks are not theater" and says that while there is some credence to Senator Paul's point that the risk of transmissibility is reduced once you've had the original or "wild" strain, it is not the case with new more transmissible variants that are becoming more prevalent in the U.S., including the B117 variant from the U.K. and another more troubling strain that is developing in New York

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