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NaturalNews: "Texas company to deploy Tesla-class WIRELESS electricity distribution --

• by Lance D. Johns

Texas-based Viziv Technologies is leading the way, bringing to fruition a technology that is four decades in development. Their goal is to commercialize wireless electrical energy to deliver electricity over long distances. Once finalized, the wireless energy would be even more durable than current electrical systems — and could withstand EMP attacks, solar flares, lightning and peak energy.
Texas company is working on a breakthrough wireless electricity distribution system

Viziv Technologies uses a wireless electricity distribution system that is based on Zenneck surface waves. Surface waves, or electromagnetic waves, naturally follow the contours of a surface and travel better along specific materials. Zenneck waves travel best at high frequencies with a conductor covered in a dielectric material. These secure surfaces carry high bandwidth, require little power, and do not cause interference.

In fact, the surface delivery systems are so durable, any tears or breaks in a surface do not cut the connection or flow of electricity. The Zenneck surface wave cannot be disrupted by lightning, geomagnetic interference, electromagnetic pulse or solar flare either.