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Catherine Austin Fitts | Special Guest on Grand Theft World

• by Richard Grove

"What are we going to do when we encounter evil in the world?"

Richard's talk with author, publisher and filmmaker Catherine Austin Fitts is an event, an erudite, freewheeling exploration of politics, philosophy, economics and the nature of humanity. Historians and truth seekers, they discuss the micro and macro levels of control in our world.

The need to decentralize economic power takes center stage. Our world, our lives, are very much intermediated by governments and corporations that diminish our connection with the world, and with our own strength. The layers of theft and fraud in the U.S. government, non-profits and banking and securities organizations are so dense that we cannot easily see their true machinations.

Topics include a who's who of contemporary corruption, including Enron, Epstein, Clinton, JP Morgan and Lockheed Martin. They touch on the mysterious Mr Global and the nature of international power, including the struggles between inter-generational capital and the serenely timeless Vatican.

Richard and Catherine discuss their paths to knowledge as a process: first, of coming to grips with the totality of evil within the establishment; then, the jolt of realizing how they had, unwittingly, been complicit, and the potential ramifications of breaking free of that system.

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