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How Covid Lockdowns and the Coming Climate Change Policies Are Married

•, By Dave Hodges

 If I had my way, I would have taught this course every semester as it was fascinating. The course dealt with how people, both in groups and individually, deal with challenges. The course teaches how change, in a society, happens. In fact, I did my dissertation on resilience (ie how people overcome adversity and excel). It is clear that the aggregate evidence of resilience in America, today, is very low. In fact, our collective resilience levels are so low, that I believe that most Americans require supernatural intervention to even demonstrate the appearance of any sense of resilience.

As fate would have it, I spent a lot of my time being assigned research and statistic courses, because the demand was greater and I had bills to pay. However,  I am grateful for the research and statistical skills and knowledge I possess, because I know how much the public is being lied to by Fauci and friends.

Fauci and Friends could be the name of a comedy show in which the theme consists of demonstrating the answer to the question "How much can we lie to you and get away with it and how much unscientific nonsense can we squeeze into your daily dose of propaganda? " Before returning to the social psychology principles which explains America is in such a state of profound helplessness, today, please allow to apply my knowledge of the research protocols that Fauci and Friends have made a mockery of.