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Border Crisis Explodes: Texas Child Migrant Facility At 700% Capacity As ICE Begs For Volunteers;

•, by Tyler Durden

A flood of child migrants filling Texas immigration facilities has turned into a full-blown crisis in the seven weeks since President Biden took office - a stark contrast to the Trump administration, which required that migrants wait in Mexico while the United States processed asylum requests, as opposed to Biden's policy of letting everyone in and simply trusting migrants to show up for their hearings.

In recent days, over 3,500 unaccompanied minors have been held in Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) detention centers designed for adults - while Biden officials privately warned on Friday that the administration can't handle the influx of children, according to the Daily Mail. So far this year, apprehensions are on track to eclipse the last decade of migrant detentions, even with a notable spike in 2019.

So far in March, more than 4,200 people are arriving into America across the border per day, which if sustained would rival the 132,856 apprehensions recorded in May 2019 - which was the most in 13 years.  

The surge is leading to overcrowded conditions as the CBP centers - built for adult men - and the HHS shelters do not have space for the mounting numbers. -Daily Mail.

At one Border Patrol facility alone, hundreds of illegal child migrants have been crammed into packed conditions - with some sleeping on the floor because there aren't just enough beds, they're run out of mats, according to the Associated Press, citing nonprofit lawyers who interviewed over a dozen children at a Donna, Texas holding complex. Some of the children told attorneys that they've been there for a week or more in direct violation of the agency's three-day limit for detaining child migrants. Over 130 children have been held in CBP facilities for more than 10 days, while many say they haven't been allowed to phone their parents or other relatives who may be wondering where they are.