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I Cannot Forgive You for Refusing to Speak Out Against COVID Tyranny

• By Don Boudreaux

I ask again of my many classical-liberal and libertarian friends who are still remaining silent in the face of this inhuman and inhumane assault on human freedom: Why? Why are you not speaking out adamantly against this madness?

I am, I must say, so terribly disappointed in so many of you. In the face of this unprecedented form of general battering of human freedom in the western world, so many of you refuse to raise your voices in protest.

Oh, you protest – loudly and in no uncertain terms – restrictions on immigration. I applaud you! Truly I do. You protest minimum wages, tariffs, subsidies, high taxes, deficit financing of government spending, occupational licensing, "green-energy" initiatives, and the so-called "war on drugs." Again, I applaud you sincerely.