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Your Card Key

•, By eric

Then along came the fob, which eliminated the need to insert and turn anything. Instead, you carried the fob in your pocket or purse and it unlocked the door by sending a wireless signal to the car announcing your proximity; once behind the wheel, it did the same – unlocking the ignition (and steering column) electronically, so that all you had to do physically was push a button to start the car.

But the fob has its downsides.

The first being its bulk. Keys are lithe things that fit easily and comfortably in one's pocket. But the fob is a chunk of awkward plastic that can only be slimmed down so much because of the nature of the thing. There are physical electronic components within it and they can only be made so small. That plus the buttons, which one depresses to unlock/lock manual-electronically (like a garage door opener).

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