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"Embarrassed" Cuomo Says "I'm Very Sorry" But "I'm Not Resigning

•, by Tyler Durden

"I fully support a woman's right to come forward...I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable."

Highlights included:

*CUOMO: WILL FULLY COOPERATE WITH REVIEW OF ALLEGATIONS (as opposed to what, not cooperating?)

*CUOMO: I APOLOGIZE, I AM EMBARRASED BY IT (well that should make the aides feel better)

*CUOMO: I NEVER TOUCHED ANYONE INAPPROPRIATELY (who decides what is 'appropriate'? And what about Boylan's claim of an unwanted kiss on the lips?)

*CUOMO: "WAIT FOR THE FACTS" BEFORE FORMING AN OPINION (will Twitter and Facebook be deciding the "facts"?)

*CUOMO: HAVE LEARNED FROM THIS "INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT SITUATION" (well that's what really matters right?)

*CUOMO: "I WILL BE THE BETTER FOR THIS EXPERIENCE" (yes, but how will the accusers feel?)

*CUOMO: "I'M NOT GOING TO RESIGN" (what happened to #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo?)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) will hold a COVID-19 press briefing and will reportedly "make an announcement"...

Amid sexual abuse allegations, nursing home death controversies, and having his emergency powers removed, we are sure he has a lot to say.

Watch the full briefing here