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Arizona Republican Representative Mark Finchem Is Suing Arizona Democrats for Malice --

• By Joe Hoft

CPAC 2021: Rep. Mark Finchem on Suing Members of the Arizona House and Senate for Defamation and Malice.

Arizona Representative Mark Finchem is suing members of the Arizona House and Senate for defamation related to their acts in accusing him of sedition and treason and then forwarding their claims to the corrupt media.

Representative Finchem shared at CPAC with the Epoch Times:

So earlier in January, the Democrat members of the House and Senate sent a letter to the Department of Justice and the FBI accusing me of high treason, sedition, plannin an insurrection, the overthrow of our government.  All patently absurd fallacious claims, but then they turned around and sent it to the media as though it was factual.  Well in that, they committed malice.