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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news story trending on many social media sites originally out of The Telegraph claiming coronavirus "cases" are falling dramatically and "experts" don't know why.
The story is a mix of insanity and hilarity considering that the so-called cases they speak of were never cases. As we entered cold and flu season, more people got the cold and the flu. Due to PCR tests being almost entirely false positives as they're not meant to tell you if someone has covid or not and are throttled to a massive amount of cycles or amplifications, the tests have been giving people a diagnosis based on the cold and flu.
Now, the cold and flu season is coming to an end, so there are less sick people which means less people are testing positive for a virus or bacterial issue of some kind, so the faulty covid numbers are going down.
The so-called experts are now asking "how is this possible? Was it the lockdowns? Perhaps the jab?"
The confusion among the so-called experts tells you everything you need to know about either how stupid they are or how evil and conspiring they are.
In 2021, this will only get worse until we make it stop. It will seem to settle down a little bit in the summer and then come back really bad in the fall and winter. Each time, freedoms will dwindle a little bit more and most will end up being normalized to it.