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Family says county kicked them off their own land for living in RV

• WSB Radio

POLK COUNTY, Ga. — Many families are coming up with creative ways to make ends meet during this pandemic. But one man's plan highlights a growing community issue: who is the true master of your land? Channel 2 anchor Sophia Choi started investigating, and learned the answer may come from a judge.

Choi spent weeks looking into this after hearing from Tim Leslie of Polk County. His plan was to buy land and live off it, after losing his job due to the pandemic.

He bought the land, but the county says he can't live there.

Leslie has chickens, goats, a vegetable garden and plenty of space to roam around in the fresh air.

"We plan on building a forever home here and, you know, growing old and giving it to our kids," Tim Leslie said.

It's a place where Leslie, his wife Amy and their two kids, 9-year-old Knox and 18-month-old Daisy could thrive, even during a pandemic.

Almost every penny Leslie had, including a pension and 401(k) savings, went to buying and clearing the land near Cedartown in Polk County in November of 2020.

But instead of living there, his kids are now playing on asphalt and living in an RV park.