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Tesla Buys Bitcoin: Why Big Banks Don't Want You To Follow & Is Bitcoin Bad For The Environment?

• 2 THE FUTURE with Jixuan & Sebastian

0:00? Why did Tesla buy Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin bad for environment? Is Bitcoin a good investment? We try to answer all these questions in this video. 2:50? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, not controlled by any banks or governments. On the other hand, central banks have been printing money and causing massive inflation in the last decade. 6:31? Since there are only a limited amount of bitcoins, it's a deflationary currency which gives Bitcoin a huge plus in the Bitcoin vs Fiat debate. 7:48? After Elon Musk buys Bitcoin, mainstream news media is criticizing Tesla for purchasing "dirty money". However, the banking sector is actually consuming ten times more energy per year than Bitcoin mining does. 12:51? After Tesla buys Bitcoin, even based on a very pessimistic Bitcoin price prediction, Tesla's bitcoin reserve will not only finance all their future Gigafactory building plans, but also increase the lead of Tesla ahead of other carmakers.